About David and Maria

David Rosen has a quote unquote normal life (what is normal?). He has gone through the ups and downs of life, just like everyone else. He has overcome many trials and tribulations that allows him to understand and have compassion and feel the love for all of those that come across him. All these experiences keep leading him to ask questions like Why? What is all for? What does this mean? Like many others, he studied many modalities and courses to help him shift his awareness, so he could try to understand how it all works. By simply coming to the realization, that anybody can have a change in perception that can bring them to miraculous healing and awareness to bring great peace and joy and love for life itself and the wonder of creation, which allows the person to create his/her own reality. This is what he loves the most, help people to become their own master, because the power is within every single one of us. 

Maria Vergara has a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Ohio University and a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. She worked as an Accountant for a Toyota's subsidiary company for six years. Since childhood, Maria was clairaudient and clairvoyant. In 2012, Maria experienced a new awakening that allowed her to communicate with angels and masters. She became a deep trans-channeler. Later, she studied angel readings, ho'oponopono, akashic records, reiki, Barbara Brennan's energy work, St. Germain purple flame, essential oils, crystals, QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) and Marconics.

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If Everything is an Illusion,
Then Let's Create One Worth Living.

The Forever Beings, LLC focuses on those of us arriving to the Shores of the New Earth. We are the pioneers of a new cycle of evolution that teaches expansion of consciousness and manipulation of energy, by combining the basics of quantum physics and spiritual alchemy, so we can harness the energy within and all around us and experience the magic of the vibration of the New Earth.

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