Free Live Zoom Get-Togethers

Every Wednesday at 06:00 PM EST, online only, free

Do you want to talk about The New Earth, how we can experience it with our physical bodies in this lifetime, and co-create our new reality? Then, these free weekly gatherings are for you! Every week, The Forever Beings discuss topics related to living in the Shores of the New Earth, providing information for those seeking this vibration, here and now. 

These gatherings are done online, via Zoom, and they last approximately one hour. There are free to the public.


To participate, please register at 


Aug 5, 2020 06:00 PM

Aug 12, 2020 06:00 PM

Aug 19, 2020 06:00 PM

Aug 26, 2020 06:00 PM

Sep 2, 2020 06:00 PM

Sep 9, 2020 06:00 PM

Sep 16, 2020 06:00 PM

Sep 23, 2020 06:00 PM

Sep 30, 2020 06:00 PM


​If you have general questions regarding living in the Shores of the New Earth that you would like us to discuss at our next meeting, please email 

Individual Private Lessons

These are private, intimate, and confidential sessions, that take about ninety minutes long, with both David and Maria. The energy and consciousness of The Forever Beings comes through them to facilitate the session. Private and personal matters will be addressed to be given a change to come to light for the individual to see beyond what appears to be. 

The purpose of individual sessions is to expand the consciousness of the participant, so healings in the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies can take place; by starting to discover who they are and who they are not. This will propel them to move forward in their evolutionary journey to reach the vibration of the New Earth, and give them unshakable peace and joy.


Depending upon the needs of the individual, sessions may vary slightly. In some cases, the participant will go into a deep state of relaxation so they can receive the information for themselves; while in other cases, they will receive the information through David and Maria, as they data stream The Forever Beings. A combination of these is also possible.


These sessions can be done online, by phone, or in person. Cost: $444

To book a session please call David Rosen at (561) 229-7365 or Maria at (561) 229-7365 or email us at

The Forever Beings Seminars

Every Saturday / Every Sunday

1-4 pm EST* |  Online (over zoom) and In Person

These seminars are three hours long, done virtually and in person. $333.


A fantastic opportunity to connect, not only with the consciousness of The Forever Beings (through David and Maria) but also with others around the world.

Each seminar is unique and different because participants will be grouped by their higher selves, or their future selves (The Forever Beings.) The participants will all get what they came for (consciously or not.) In other words, the topics, discussions, and questions are geared to the group consciousness. This is why each seminar is unique. 

Participants will be engaged in conversations and may ask questions that will benefit the group. Some personal questions may be answered or discussed, if it is appropriate. Very personal questions will be addressed in private sessions.

These seminars are designed to help those see past what they currently believe and are experiencing. With the opportunity to expand their consciousness and apply what will be learned. In doing so, you will also experience physical, physiological, and energetic (light body) expansions to match the mind (upgrades.) 

The propose of these seminars is to help those who consciously want to move forward and experience the vibration of The New Earth, in their physical bodies. 

It is possible to reach the vibration of the Shores of the New Earth in one seminar, or one private session, depending upon how much participants are willing to let go of their identity. For some, this may be a gradual process. 

For additional questions, email or call David Rosen at (561)302-6073 or Maria Vergara at (561)229-7365

​Future Seminar Dates:

Sat August 1st

Sun August 2nd

Sat August 8th

Sun August 9th

Sat August 15th

Sun August 16th

Sat August 22nd

Sun August 23rd

* time may be adjusted to accommodate participants living overseas.

 The Ultimate Alchemy Workshops

 A fun three-days event where we learn to release our believes of the Old Earth, expand our consciousness and understanding of the New Earth and apply this knowledge to create and experience the vibration of the New Earth. The requirements for this class is to have participated in three sessions, group (The Forever Beings Seminars) or private (Private Sessions).


The workshop is in person only. This is a Friday to Sunday weekend, once per month, 9am-5pm EST. $999

​Future Class Dates:

Friday - Sunday ~ July 24th - 26

Friday - Sunday ~ August 28th - August 30th