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These sessions cover many topics and subjects on how to embody, live, and create the vibration of the New Earth (the creation cycle.) Whether you are already here, just arriving here, or on your journey to the Shores of the New Earth, these sessions are for you/us/all. 


During these sessions, we have witnessed many of us make a quantum leap and merge/embody the vibration of the New Earth, which includes living in a new paradigm and leaving the separation and deception behind (old paradigm.)


A big part of these sessions is to support each other, in a nonjudgmental way, to create what we came here to create; because we know, that in this vibration, we all are not only creation in itself, but we all have a piece of this puzzle that we call the New Earth. 


Thus, we invite you to please join in the fun, and share with us, so we can all co-create Heaven on Earth together.


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​If you have general questions regarding living and creating in the vibration of the New Earth that you would like us to discuss at our next meeting, please email 


Individual Private Sessions

These are private and confidential sessions, where personal and specific concerns will be addressed. You will be able to release old believes and programs that are holding you back to gain the necessary expansion to embody the vibration of the New Earth, or what we call "the creation cycle". This new paradigm is where we get to experience Heaven on Earth, master manipulation of energy, and co-create a new reality, without loosing the physical body.

So, what does this mean? This means that you will experience whatever is necessary for you to move forward through the healing, and ascension cycles to arrive to the Shores of the New Earth. 


The healing cycle is where we master self-love and self-acceptance. This is where healing occurs.


The ascension cycle is where we experience self-discovery, meaning that we are full-spectrum multi-dimensional beings of light)


The creation cycle is where we experience self-realization as we remember who we are, and who we are not.

​These sessions are being offered for a special discounted price $88.00, for a limited time! These sessions are online or in person, and are about 60 minutes long.

To make an appointment, email or call David Rosen at (561)302-6073 or Maria Vergara at (561)229-7365. Thank you.

The Forever Beings Seminars




Our three-hour seminars are now being offered at a discount rate of $88. (Regular price is $333) We are offering this gift of abundance for humanity, to support everyone during this transitional period, as we assimilate the vibrations and the paradigm of the New Earth.


During these seminars, we will be covering a step by step process, as outlined in our radio show series: "Welcome to the Shores of the New Earth," that allows those, who wish and are able, to make a quantum jump to embody the vibration of the New Earth, here and now.


In addition, we will discuss the following topics, but not limited to, since we know that each group has its own unique blueprint, and that will also be addressed.


Some of these topics include: 

•    Our human evolution: from separation & deception to back to oneness. 

•    The three cycles of evolution: the healing cycle, the ascension cycle, and the creation cycle.

•    Expansion of consciousness, and manipulation of energy.

•    The Shift, the New Earth, and the New Paradigm

•    Understanding the basics of becoming the modern-day alchemist (to co-create the New Earth)

Participants will be engaged in conversations and may ask questions that will benefit the group. Some personal questions may be answered or discussed, if it is appropriate. Very personal questions will be addressed in private sessions.


These seminars are designed to help those see past what they currently believe/think and are experiencing, with the opportunity to expand their consciousness and apply what will be learned. In doing so, physical, physiological, and energetic (light body) expansions will take place to match the upgraded mind. Thus, the purpose of these seminars is to help those who consciously want to move forward and experience the vibration of The New Earth, in their physical bodies. 


It is possible to reach the vibration of the Shores of the New Earth in one seminar, or one private session, depending upon how much participants are willing to let go of their identity of who and what we think we are. For some, this may be a gradual process. 


To register for upcoming seminars, click on the desired date below, and follow the prompts: 

​​October 17th, 2020

November 21st, 2020

December 19th, 2020

 The Ultimate Alchemy Workshops

A fun three-days event where we learn to release our believes of the Old Earth, expand our consciousness and understanding of the New Earth and apply this knowledge to create and experience the vibration of the New Earth. Beside expanding our consciousness, we learn to manipulate energy to be the ultimate alchemist!


The requirements needed to attend these workshops are to have participated in a total of three events with the Forever Beings; whether these events are seminars or private sessions.


The workshop is in person only. This is a Friday to Sunday weekend, once per month, 9am-5pm EST. $999

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